Who We Are

We are Bahrain's Creative Culture Studio.

Our work is not confined to design or advertising. We are in the business of helping clients get better – in their expression, environment and experience.

Our passion is to see our clients go a notch higher in their branding and marketing practice. We exist to inspire our partners to adapt a creative culture because in the upcoming creative economy, the future will belong to those who think beyond the conventional.

Does size matter? Yes, it does. That’s why we consider ourselves a tightly knit mid-size agency that’s small enough to be flexible and prolific and big enough not to be limited in terms of quality and types of work.

Why Chameleon? Let’s face it: what would life be without the maverick, the independent and the creative thinkers. They imagine. They explore. They push our boundaries... and they are ready to respond to change.

Our creative services include:


Our process and methodology is simple.

First, we listen.
What do you need Vs What do you want? What is the market scenario? Are there any opportunities to capitalize on? The more questions we ask, the clearer and purposeful will our proposition be.

Second, we experiment.
What if… Why not… Let’s try. To understand how far and how deep the strategy should probe, we start exploring solutions. This builds up to a strategy with specific recommendations based on real needs.

Third, we create.
We start the process of creating solutions based on client’s feedback and reports. Requirements for the project are planned with its set of milestones. The execution process is supplemented with continuous quality assurance.